Our Mission

As a young dentist and father, I’m always looking for ways to find what is best for me, my family, friends and patients. That’s why we at Natural Smiles of Orlando will start making changes in an effort to provide the highest standard of service for you while helping our environment.

We’ve acquired the office Shine Dental Studios that has great equipment which has been in great shape for many years. Our goal is to reuse the equipment, change the machinery needed to make them energy efficient to save on energy consumption.

By adding energy efficient computers and upgrading the office with state of the art technology it will help reduce the amount of paper being used. Also helps the patients and doctor, by having better visual aids, communication and accessibility with the additive uses of technology (Internet, e-mail, social media).

Switching to digital x-rays will eliminate significantly the amount of waste that the office produces. Eliminating dental films and the chemicals used to develop them, thus helping the environment. It also reduces the amount of radiation the patient is exposed to. It’s our effort, care and goals that will make you want to become part of our extended family.

We invite you to be part of our amazing journey and help us achieve our goals to create a better future while providing the highest quality of service.