There are various types of full dentures(conventional and immediate). They all are removable prosthesis to replace function and missing teeth. They need to be removed daily to allow the tissues in the mouth to rest and also cleaned.

Conventional dentures can be done when the patient already has a previous denture that needs to be replace or all the teeth are already missing. They can also be supported and attached to dental implants helping with the stability and retention of the denture.

Immediate dentures are used to help the patient transition from having teeth to going into full dentures because the remaining teeth can’t be saved and the patient doesn’t want to go without teeth. They are not consider permanent or conventional, since they area where the teeth are extracted is healing and the anatomy will change with time, thus making them a temporary solution.

It is normal to go through an adjustment period and also going back to your dentist due to sore spots. Needing a reline, repair or adjustment is also normal.


All the information on this website is designed and meant for the education of the patient. Your Doctor will always have to do an exam to evaluate and diagnose your problems and needs. It is not for self diagnostic.

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