There are various ways your dentist can help you achieve a white smile.

In office whitening is done at the dentist chair. The assistant will place a protective covering over your gums and then your dentist will apply the whitening agent and active a light to accelerate the process. It’s usually done with results in one appointment.

Whitening trays are done by your dentist. They will take molds of your mouth and then use them to create custom trays which you will use at home with the whitening system your dental office will provide you, which is peroxide based. You will have to brush and floss before and after using them, as well as clean them after every use. Remember to follow your dentist instructions. Possible side effects are sensitive teeth and gum irritation, both are reversible and usually go back to normal with time.

Toothpaste and mouth rinse with whitening agents will help improve slightly the shade of your teeth as well as remove surface stains


All the information on this website is designed and meant for the education of the patient. Your Doctor will always have to do an exam to evaluate and diagnose your problems and needs. It is not for self diagnostic.

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