Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique


A Safe Way To Remove Older Fillings

Many older amalgam restorations contain mercury, which could turn into vapor and wreak havoc on your health. Many dentists are happy to remove mercury fillings and replace them with a safer (and more attractive) alternative, but if you want this procedure to be performed safely, you should turn to a dentist if you have a mercury-based filling that needs to go.

What is the SMART Technique?

SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) is a technique that’s employed for removing amalgam fillings that are composed of about 50% mercury. Working with mercury without taking the proper precautions could cause harmful vapors and particles to escape, putting you and your dental team at risk. A dentist using the SMART process will take several measures to minimize the damage done by mercury vapors, such as working in a room with a high volume air filtration system.

How Could the SMART Technique Save Your Life?

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances in the world; inhaling it as a vapor can cause any number of symptoms including nausea, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and more. These issues only become more severe as more mercury is inhaled; eventually, you could suffer from a serious or even life-threatening health issue. This is why it’s important to have a mercury-based filling removed using the SMART procedure to keep the vapors under control.

Removing fillings that contain mercury could also protect your tooth. Such restorations may expand or contract depending on temperature; that could put pressure on your enamel and could eventually cause it to crack.

Why Choose a SMART-Certified Dentist?

Dr. Mercado is an Accredited Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT); that means that he has completed extensive coursework and has shown an understanding of the techniques used in the SMART process to ensure safe mercury removal. Other dentists can remove an amalgam filling without this accreditation, but without it you won’t know whether they’re taking the proper precautions to protect you from mercury exposure. Given the risks that mercury poses to your overall health, it doesn’t pay to take chances. Leave the removal up to an expert who follows the IAOMT’s strict protocol!

How Much Will It Cost to Remove Mercury Fillings?

Different patients will end up paying a different cost for the removal of mercury fillings. The cost depends on how many fillings are in your mouth, how big they are, the overall state of your oral health, and other factors. You can schedule a consultation at Natural Smiles of Orlando so Dr. Mercado give you an estimate of the total cost of removing the fillings and replacing them with a non-mercury alternative. Dental insurance may help pay for this procedure, but if you don’t have the coverage you can ask about low-to-no interest financing with CareCredit.

DAV VII TurboDentAirVac


DAV VII TurboDentAirVac manufactures oral aerosol vacuums designed to remove potentially toxic odors, vapors and particles away from the immediate breathing area of the doctor, assistant and patient.

Excellent for capturing dental oral aerosols including:

  • Mercury Vapor during amalgam removal
  • Aluminum Oxide Air Abrasion Particulate
  • Laser Smoke Plume
  • Electrosurgery Smoke Capture
  • Composite BPA Grinding Dust
  • Airborne Blood Pathogens and Viruses
  • Ozone Removal From Immediate Breathing Area
  • Water Spray Aerosols
  • Prophy Powder
  • Disinfectant Control
  • VOCs
  • Overall Improvement of Infection Control Program
  • Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Oral Aerosol Specifications and Warranty

  • Removes airborne particulate down to 0.3 microns @ 99% efficiency
  • Captures aerosols from air abrasion, wet grinding, amalgam removals, composite adjustments, drill aerosols, VOCs
  • 770 cfm, centrifugal, backward curved fan motor completely recycles your operatory air up to 12 times per hour
  • HEPA certified filtration performance rated to 0.3 micron
  • Activated and chemically treated granulated carbon for mechanical and chemical reduction of odors and vapors
  • Specially blended carbon for mercury vapor containment during amalgam placement and removal procedures
  • Advanced four stage filtration system including moisture intake liner, prefilter, HEPA filter and granulated carbon filter


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